Southport Rugby Football Club

Southport Rugby Football Club


By Graham Ellis, 9th Apr 2012

The Second team left Waterloo Road at 10am Saturday morning one man down, leaving the u12s hard at it under Miles Johnson's beady eye as they trained hard for their Lancashire Cup Final this Sunday (15th). The Seconds too faced the first of effectively three cup finals in their quest to win their Division as the Fuscoe express headed up up the M6 to the Lakes and beyond to Millom right on the Cumbrian coast.

Twelve hours later they returned, suitably intoxicated by the local ozone, job done with a 32-10( according to the League website, although some of the players reckon it was only 29-10) victory under their belt. This was no mean feat. According to their web-site Millom Seconds haven't lost a game at home in the last three seasons (the records don't go back beyond this) encompassing at least 25 victories on the bounce with a few walk overs thrown in for good measure.

It also included a unique Astwood/Dale family gathering with father and son Mark and Matt strutting their stuff with brother-in-law Mike (is this a Yorkshire tradition that all males must have names with four letters and start with an M. unless you're called Phil?)all captured by wife/mother/sister-in-law Sue with her brownie phone with sister/wife/aunt/sister-in-law Louise in tow and I havent even started on the daughters and nieces yet.

Whatever, it was all one big Southport family outing and you can savour the family album on the site. Special mention of thanks to Millom for what I've been told was their their splendid hospitality and magnimity in a defeat at home for the first time in yonks, and for Fuscoes and the driver for getting everyone there and back safely and still only one man down at the end! Any more fares for Furness in three weeks?

PS. has anyone told Jonah you do the haka before the match?

PPS. Rick Potter can fill you in with the match report assuming his hands have stopped shaking.

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  1. Rei Chambers over 3 years ago

    Leave the haka boogie to the professionals Jonah, any tips I'll be more than happy to pass on some info ;-)